What we offer
Mix a passion for NASCAR with a desire to be a part of the action and you get Trackside 1.  It
began with our first RV trip to Talladega.  How do you get an infield parking pass?  What
does it take to become a team sponsor and get closer to the action?

We didn't have the answers, but we knew we were headed to Talladega.  
We crossed the
track and pulled in to the infield
; we knew we found an experience we just had to share!

Now we're part of the team!
Why it works
Trackside 1 and Whitney Motorsports make your company part of the pit crew!

We are looking for businesses who think they can't afford to sponsor a Sprint Cup car.

The sound of raw horsepower, the smell of burning rubber, the feeling of speed, the chaos of 43 teams setting their
car up for the race.  The anticipation of getting through tech inspection.  The nail biting excitement of qualifying your
way in to the race or the agony of packing up the hauler as 43 other teams get ready to race.  You think you have
seen the action from the grandstands....you have no idea what its like to be part of the team....until now!
How it started
Trackside 1 and Whitney Motorsports build corporate partnerships.  We offer sponsorships and partnerships
designed specifically for your business.  The business model is simple.  If we can get you hooked on NASCAR Sprint
Cup racing, you'll help us find sponsorship.
About Trackside 1
The ultimate race day experience.  We partner with Star Coach Race Tours and they host your guests in their fully
appointed Luxury Motor Coaches.  Take a break from the action, cool off, recharge your batteries.  Or, camp in Luxury for
the entire weekend!  We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages.  Your guests experience NASCAR from
inside the garage and the pits or they watch the race from the air conditioned comfort of the Coaches.  We provide race
day scanners so you hear all the decision the teams make during the race.
Diesel fuel to get to and from the track
NASCAR Race Entry Fee
One Set of Race Tires $1,900 (at least 6 sets)
Cost to bring entire team to a race
New or Re-built engine for each race
Total Cost (Before the race even starts!)
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What it Takes Each Week